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ONE360 (2) | Newborn to 36kg

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Car Seat Protective Mat by Osann | Black

Car Seat Protective Mat by Osann | Black

Back Seat Mirror | Black

Back Seat Mirror | Black


From newborn to toddler, the innovative NOOLA® ONE360 is the only car seat you’ll need.

A car seat that grows and moulds around your most precious cargo from day one to day tomorrow, our ONE360 offers a unique 360-degree rotation system that allows for easy, posture-friendly manoeuvrability of your child both into and out of the seat, regardless of what side of the vehicle they are secured into.   

Adjust the headrest, cushioning and belt system of the ONE360 to best accommodate your child as they grow. Centrally locked, the belt system offers maximum peace-of-mind, but also easy adjustment for focused comfort. Complete with retractable ISOFIX anchorage mounts, the ONE360 is designed to best complement the inherent safety features of your car.

One car seat to safely and securely accommodate your child, from newborn to a toddler of up to 36-kilograms, the ONE360 has been designed to combine world-class safety technologies with noteworthy levels of convenient and manoeuvrability.

  • A seatbelt-linked installation eliminates the ONE360’s swivel function.
  • The ONE360 will only rotate in a rear-facing mode, accommodating newborn to a toddler of up to 18kg. After this (group 0+1) they will face forwards with the rotation function no longer viable due to the proximity of the top tether seatbelt (if required).
  • The ONE360 is designed for children in the 0+/1/2/3 age group.

Features of the ONE360 TWIN CAR SEAT include:

- 2x ONE360 car seats
- 10-way, height-adjustable headrest
- Additional removable head cushion
- Adjustable through two seated and two resting positions, in either direction of travel
- Belt system adjusts automatically with the headrest height
- Removable foam inlay
- Removable baby inlay below the foam inlay
- ISOFIX or seatbelt-based installation
- 5-point belt system
- Centrally locking belt system
- Upholstered belts and buckles for maximum comfort
- Rearwards facing from 0-18kg (when using ISOFIX/TT)
- Rearwards facing from 0-13kg (when installed via vehicle’s seatbelt)

Inside the Box

2x ONE360 Car Seats
*Includes Built-in ISOFIX Base

Frequently Asked

Does the ONE360 come with an ISOFIX base?
Yes! The ONE360 car seat has a built-in ISOFIX base, making it a permanent feature in the car.

Does my car need to be ISOFIX compatible?
The ONE360 can also be installed with the safety belt of the vehicle.

From what age can the ONE360 be used?
It can be used from newborn to 36 kg.

What are the different groups for the ONE360?
Group 0+ - 0-18 kgs rearward-facing ISOFIX
Group 1 - 9-18 kgs rear/forward-facing
Group 2 - 15-25 kgs forward-facing
Group 3 - 22-36 kgs forward-facing

When should the ONE360 be forward-facing?
The ONE360 starts rearward facing for a toddler of up to 18 kgs.
Research has shown rearward facing to be 500% safer up to a minimum age of two years and the ONE360 allows you to do this and rearward face your little one up to 18 kgs (that’s approximately up to 4 years old).
We recommend:
Rearward facing till 18 kgs (when using ISOFIX)
Rearward facing till 13 kgs (when installed with seatbelt)

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

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Returns are accepted within 7 days if the product is unused, in original packaging, and resalable. Return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. Refunds are processed within 10 working days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
mienique timmerman
Noola one360 review

Company review: before purchasing I enquired if your company has any upcoming specials and sales. I was assured there where non, just two days after my purchase the noola tour sale was launched. Highly disappointed that I was lied to, I could have also made a saving as I purchased two car seats

Product: not completely satisfied, the straps keep twisting in the buckle clip, it’s hard to tighten and loosen effectively and the padding seems quite loose and moves around a lot. It’s difficult to readjust frequently. Knowing what I know now, would not have purchased


This is Supreme quality. Love the look and the practicality of the 360 degree isofix base.

Angela Simpson

This is one of the best products I’ve ever bought for my baby.

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